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Top Free Mobile Messaging Apps

Developers across the world continue innovating. They develop and design messaging apps that allow people to stay connected conveniently in this fast-paced modern world. Most of these apps require that you subscribe or pay to download and install. You will find most of these apps free. In this post, we will highlight some of the top free messaging apps you can find. Most of these allow users to make free video calls and voice, share instant messages, and even photos and files.


whatsapp iconThis is the most popular mobile messaging app. Jan Kuom and Brian Acton developed it. Facebook Inc bought the app in 2014. It is estimated to have over 1.5 billion users spread over 180 countries. The app is designed to let users send and receive instant messages, voice calls, make a video, and send free text messages among several features. Currently, it has a payment option that is limited to India only.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook developed the app. It has over 1.5 active users. It has a payment option that is in a beta version. This app allows two Facebook users to chat, exchange photos and files, make video calls, and even send each other text messages. Subscribers do not have to share their telephone contacts.


WeChat originates from China. It is estimated to have over 900 million active users. This is a social chatting app that allows users to chat with their friends. Also, it has a friend-finder tool that enables you to track the location of the contacts through the GPRS functionality. It supports a wide range of payment options such as QR Code and Quick Pay.


telegram appTelegram was developed in Russia. It is an instant messaging app that is cloud-based. Thus, it stores all your files, data, and conversations in the cloud. It then avails the data to the users regardless of where they are. It grants users the ability to send instant messages, videos, audio, stickers, and files. Telegram has over 180 million users across the world.


Snapchat is multimedia as it handles and transfers files in a wide range of formats. For instance, users can share files, photos, and even hold live video conferencing. It has over 170 million users, and it is available in over 20 languages. Other than sending messages, users can also send money among themselves.…

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Tips to Help You Buy a Laptop Charger

It is vital that your laptop charger stands the test of time. Unfortunately, they do not last long. They can get damaged or even stolen. If you find that your charger is not working as required, then you cannot use your laptop. In this case, you should get a new one from a computer shop or office supply store nearby. Also, you can purchase one online. The following are tips to help you choose the right one.

Avoid a Universal Power Charger

laptopAlthough the universal charger is a great one, it cannot perform to your satisfaction. The charger supports a wide range of models, but the components cannot meet the required power requirements. Usually, the problems are related to fit, price, power tips, and voltage. Therefore, it is vital to get a branded one.

Do Not Buy a Solar Charger

As you know, solar chargers are efficient and eco-friendly. There is a huge difference between these chargers and OEM models. This means that they can be safely used with various types of machines. You cannot say whether they can work with a wide range of models.

Avoid Cheap Units

Purchasing a cheap charger is not advisable as it will not last long. Also, cheap models are likely to overheat the computer because of irregular power inflows. Thus, they are not a good option.

Avoid Buying a Different Brand

If you buy a charger of a different brand, there is a high chance that it will not fit. Also, because of the high and low voltage, it can cause serious problems even if it connects to your device.

Choose a Recommended Charger

Ensure you choose the recommended type of charger. You can easily find the information from various places such as the old charger box, website of the manufacturer, and laptop bottom. If you want to purchase online, the specifications of the item can be of great help.

Go for an OEM Unit

woman using a laptopMost computer experts suggest that you choose an OEM unit. Getting an original charger in local stores is not easy. Thus, you should consider going online. Usually, online stores have a huge selection of products you can get at competitive prices.

Consider a Generic Charger

If you cannot find an OEM charger, you need to ensure the alternative charger you buy is safe. Ideally, it is safe and compatible to use. Although a generic charger can help you save a lot of money, it may not supply adequate power.…

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