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Things to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard is arguably a PC’s most crucial component, nothing else works without it, and it decides what upgrades you can make in the future. If you are a gamer, you understand that your processor needs a great motherboard to support it.

gaming motherboardThere are plenty of fake motherboards in the market; hence, it is vital to be vigilant when you are looking for one. Among the best-rated motherboards include the GA-Z270X, Maximus IX Apex, Maximus IX Hero, and ASRock. It will be best if you buy your motherboard from a reputable brand that has adequate experience, knowledge, and expertise in the gaming and technology field.


Form Factor

Firstly, you will need to select a form factor. The most common motherboards are ATX motherboards. When you are buying a motherboard, and you are not sure what size will fit, you can always measure your old motherboard and compare it with different sizes. The ATX motherboard is popular as it has the addition of more expansion slots, which can be quite helpful.

Processor Socket

After selecting a form factor, you need to choose a processor socket. There are different types of plugs used in the past. However, there are only three applicable currently. They include BGA, LGA, and PGA. BGA sockets are not as popular as LGA and PGA because they are permanently bonded to the motherboard so you cannot service or upgrade them. Depending on the type of socket you have on your motherboard, it determines what processor you purchase.

Random Access Memory

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The next factor is RAM. The motherboard you buy determines the amount and type of RAM you get to have. Therefore, it is worth being mindful of this before you decide to buy a motherboard. Consequently, it is best if you choose a motherboard that accommodates at least 16 GB. Even if you do not plan to buy that much initially, you have the choice to use this memory later. Additionally, it is best if you look for a board that offers four or more memory slots. It means you can install 2 GB RAM modules to begin and you will have a spare room for memory upgrades in the future.…

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